All-In-One Microdisplay Drive Technology Platform

Accelerate ~2.5 µm Pixel Display Development for AR/MR

IntelliPix™ Highlights

A video overview of IntelliPix™ technology platform and feature-set that change the paradigm of next generation microdisplay architecture.

RealTime Mode™ Video Pipeline

A programmable, on-the-fly switching video pipeline works seamlessly with contemporary SoC architectures to minimize latency and power consumption.

OnDemand Pixels™

Managing AR images intelligently at the pixel level to dynamically address only the active areas of the display, resulting in better image quality and 4X – 10X power saving than current-gen technology.

Optimized for microLED or LCoS

Constant current IntelliPix-iDrive™ backplane enables pixel to pixel uniformity in the emerging sub-4-micron-pixel microLED display space.

Voltage driven IntelliPix-vDrive™ backplane is optimized for amplitude or phase LCoS.

Overall technology advancement enables amplitude-based microLED or LCoS with more color depth and reduces the ripple in phase-based holographic systems.

OneChip Display™ Module

Integrating backplane and driver onto a single chip, yielding significant power reduction, lower assembly cost and ever more attractive form factor.

Flexible & Scalable Platform

AR/MR has a wide range of applications and content types. IntelliPix’s advanced feature-set supports highly customizable designs for system architects to optimize the display configurations based on the key parameters, such as resolution, pixel pitch, power budget, etc..

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