We design and develop the smallest

FHD microdisplays to make a big impact.

  • At  ~ 2.5 to 5 microns, the smallest pixel space for AR/MR near eye applications

  • Best-in-class optical efficiency and brightness

  • Designed for ultimate low power consumption

  • Flexible technology platform to enable microLED or Liquid Crystal on Silicon

  • Capable of amplitude/polarization or phase/ holographic modulation

  • Development Kits and Optical Engine Reference Designs available

MicroLED Display

MicroLED array technology combined with CP Display’s world-class pixel size represents a breakthrough in the emissive microdisplay market.

LCoS Display

IDM, a fully integrated microdisplay module design utilizes an ultra-flexible software-configurable platform. The display is optimized for real-time applications where high frame rates, low latency, short persistence, and small module size are critical. Available in 1080p & 2K2 resolutions.

Optical Engine Reference Design

The ultra compact optical engine reference design fits into a volume under 3 cubic centimeters (3cc), optimized for its 0.26” diagonal, 1080p microdisplay to accelerate customers’ efforts to develop W-FOV AR/MR devices.

Development Kits

Compact and easily configured for most development objectives and applications for 1080p and 2K2 microdisplays.

We are CP Display