Brilliant In Every Sense

Let’s show the world what you’re made of. At Compound Photonics, we create the products that ambitious projects demand. Products that transform the modern workplace. Products that make classrooms smarter. Products that can take an evening at home to places beyond our wildest dreams. Products that make the world a safer place to live.

Every product we offer is developed exclusively by our semiconductor chip foundries and manufacturing plants around the globe—ensuring best-in-class quality and reliability. We pride ourselves on being one of the only vertically integrated companies in our industries.

Embedded Projection Device
Today, better engagement; tomorrow, a whole new paradigm. Whatever the application, our embedded projection devices in smartphones, tablets and wearables deliver truly head- turning results.
4k Laser Projection
Simply put, it is the best image the eye can see. Behold the highest level of 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) powered by true RGB lasers—with no manipulation or wobulation.
Head-Up Display
You’ve never seen anything like it. With the highest resolution and the largest image in the market, our head-up displays have the power to revolutionize transportation navigation and safety.
Head Mounted Display
Welcome to the next frontier of virtual and augmented reality. Unprecedented levels of resolution now achieved with ultra-compact hardware—allowing for more comfortable, sleek product design.
Time to shine. Brighter and more efficient than the current Xenon or LED lamps, our laser-based headlamps project more white light, consume less power and are the smallest size lamps available in the market today.
Gesture Recognition
Taking matters into one’s own hands. Our gesture technology uses laser-based sensors to allow for a remarkable degree of precision—delivering a level of intuitive, effortless control rivaling that of a mouse or touchscreen.