Laser Light Engine

The Smallest 1080p HD Laser Light Engine On Earth

What if your tablet could project a video as large, bright and detailed as a desktop monitor could? And what if it had only minimal impact on system requirements?

Specifically designed for mobile device integration, the Compound Photonics Laser Projection Engine makes is easy to share visual experiences—movies, games, TV, websites, apps and more—anywhere.

Picture Brightness That Rivals An LCD TV

In high brightness mode, our engine projects full, 1920x1080 high definition images.

Ultra-Miniature Footprint

With an overall height of just 4.7mm, our projection engine requires only 4.1 cubic cm of space within a device.

Smarter Power Management

Specially designed to work efficiently with mobile device batteries, our engine uses between 10mW and 3W—or 12 to 20 lumens per watt—depending on the brightness mode.

Rapid Evaluation, Prototyping And Development

Light engine footprint configurations can be customized to fit all kinds of mobile devices. We can work with you to create the optimal configuration and orientation based on your design requirements.

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