The world of augmented reality (AR) enhances our interaction with the natural environment. The coexistence of real and virtual information in the world of AR inspires previously unimaginable ideas and innovations from the technology community worldwide.


For some time, the car industry has been applying AR for HUD applications in order to elevate the driving safety to the next level.

– Driver assistance to enhance safety and comfort

– Route simulations and driver awareness

– Point of interest suggestions

– Guided basic maintenance

– Remote control of the car

Applications. Automotive.
Applications. Retail Marketing.

Retail Marketing

Retail brands are increasingly turning to augmented reality platforms as a way to invigorate the consumer’s experience.

– Personalized and efficient shopping experience in stores

– DIY interior design and online purchase

– Real estate shopping


From machine layout to safety training, manufacturing is one of the sectors where AR has been used abundantly.

– Engineering design optimization

– Remote collaboration

– Production process simulation

– Inventory and logistic efficiency

– Training and safety improvement

– Remote maintenance and inspection

Applications. Manufacturing.
Applications. Entertainment.


Today’s modern AR/VR is finding an even stronger presence in the entertainment industry.

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