About Us

Tomorrow Awaits

Everyone wonders what the future will bring. At Compound Photonics, we think you’re going to love the answer. Imagine colors so vivid it’s like seeing them for the first time. Picture an office where meetings are something people look forward to. Watch as a history lesson puts a class on the edge of its seat. And that’s just a start.

With more than 300 employees at work across Europe and North America, we are blazing the trail ahead—toward better ways to work, better ways to learn and better ways to simply enjoy life. A new day is about to begin. Let there be light.

Our Story
More than 10 years and countless patents ago, a group of scientists and engineers first came together with a single purpose: to show the world in a whole new light.
Our Team
From National Medal of Technology laureates to Society for Information Display fellows, our people have been leaders well before joining Compound Photonics.
We’ve been around since 2008, continuously building our team to ensure we select the best- in-class talent for every department.
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