Compound Photonics Introduces Its New Corporate Identity

By Live Admin|August 2, 2020|Press Releases|

Compound Photonics (CP, also known as CP Display) has expanded from a microdisplay company to an all-in-one display technology platform provider. Today, the company unveils its new brand identity which affirms CP Display to be in the forefront of the emerging microLED market, while giving a clear vision to its customers, partners and stakeholders.

Hummingbirds are CP’s engineering design inspiration. Compact, fast, vibrant color and high performance have been in CP’s design DNA. The new branding inherits CP original logo’s design framework. The iconic hummingbird reflects the company’s commitment to bring these innovations and technologies forward into next-generation high performance RGB microdisplay solutions.


With this new logo, CP will showcase a series of new looks in its upcoming communications.


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