We redefine microdisplay technology and performance to transform the ways the world is perceived in augmented reality.

Empower AR for Consumers

Our game-changing IntelliPix™ platform unleashes the full potential of light to make microdisplay smaller, brighter, faster and more power efficient than ever.

Our Products. We develop our products and our displays by utilizing advanced technologies and processes to ensure best-in-class quality and reliability.


Our industry-leading 3μm pixel, full color microdisplay in a tiny integrated module enables AR systems for high brightness in large FOV while using low power consumption.


For consumer AR glasses, smart wearables or automotive 3D holographic HUD, our technology is ready for customized designs and processes for multiple applications.


Our engineering talents and state-of-the-art fab facility offer a turnkey solution to bring microdisplay development from conceptualization to production ready.

What’s New

We develop the smallest full HD Display Devices
to make a big impact. 

MicroLED Display

MicroLED array technology combined with CP Display’s world-class pixel size represents a breakthrough in the emissive microdisplay market.

LCoS Display

IDM, a fully integrated microdisplay module design utilizes an ultra-flexible software-configurable platform. The display is optimized for real-time applications where high frame rates, low latency, short persistence, and small module size are critical. Available in 1080p & 2K2 resolutions.

Optical Engine Reference Design

The ultra compact optical engine reference design fits into a volume under 3 cubic centimeters (3cc), optimized for its 0.26” diagonal, 1080p microdisplay to accelerate customers’ efforts to develop W-FOV AR/MR devices.

Development Kits

Easily configured for most development objectives and applications for 1080p and 2K2 microdisplays.

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