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Everyone wonders what the future will bring. At Compound Photonics, we think you’re going to love the answer. Prepare to live and work in ways you never thought possible.

Changing How You See The World

The modern workplace transformed. Business lines reawakened. Classrooms made smarter. And evenings at home taken to places beyond your wildest dreams. It’s time to say goodbye to the limitations of the past.

About Us
With more than 200 specialists at work across Europe and North America, we are blazing the trail ahead—toward better ways to work, better ways to learn and better ways to simply enjoy life.
Every product we offer is developed exclusively by our semiconductor chip foundries and manufacturing plants around the globe—ensuring best-in-class quality and reliability.
At Compound Photonics, we understand your demanding needs and we can deliver unrivaled products ensuring that technology drives above and beyond what’s expected.
We are based in the cloud and specialize in android, apps, gesture, interactive, voice, video and other brilliance that will be incorporated in all of our products and solutions.
Whether it’s your ambition to create pHEMTs or even laser diodes, you demand the exacting precision and robust manufacturing scale that only a best-in-class GaAs fab can provide.